Drawings Of Children

Drawings Of Children From Photos

My Approach to the Best Drawings of Children from Photographs

Pencil Portraits of children are drawn exactly as I see in the photos, except for the background, unless you specifically request that I add it. The goal is to create a drawing that accurately depicts the subjects’ appearance, personality, and mood. Photos with a good resolution are preferred. The larger the number, the better! 

I also draw family portraits from individual photos onto size A4, A3, or A2 drawing pads, creating family pencil portraits.



Photographs are my number one source of inspiration for the best drawings. There’s something special about transforming a photograph into a pencil portrait. It uniquely captures a moment in time while adding a touch of personality.

Separate Photos

My work focuses on monochromatic and realistic pencil drawings of children. However, if you have separate photos of your children and would like me to draw them together as a group, that will not be a problem.