Drawings of People, Pets, Animals and Other Subjects from Photos

Pencil Portrait Gallery Of Pets, Animals And People

Drawings from photos of people, pets, animals, buildings and other subjects. I draw exactly what I see in the photograph and typically exclude the background from the specific subject – unless you have expressly requested me to include the backdrop. The desired result is a drawing accurately capturing the subject’s likeness, character, and mood.

Capturing Moments

Photographs freeze moments in time, but what if those moments could be immortalized on paper through the art of drawing? Drawing from photos is a unique and personal way to transform cherished memories into timeless pencil drawings. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the world of animals, drawing ideas, people, and buildings through the lens of artistic interpretation.

Pencil Drawings

Drawings began as a hobby and passion for me, and they have since grown into a full-time job. I began to specialise in pencil after honing my creative skills. I collaborate closely with my clients to help them bring their images to life and make the best drawing from a photograph that they can keep forever.


I turn photos into pencil portraits. Pencil portraits are drawn with Ivory black drawing pencils, and the background is excluded. The final result is a photorealistic pencil drawing of people and pets.

Drawing Inspiration: Transforming Photos into Easy Sketches

Easy Sketches that Tell Stories

The process of drawing from photos often begins with the simplicity of an easy sketch. These sketches capture the essence of a moment with uncomplicated strokes, providing a foundation for more detailed and intricate creations. Whether it’s a beloved pet, a candid family photo, or a scenic landscape, easy sketches breathe life into the static image, adding a personal touch to the memory.

Beautiful Dawn of Artistic Expression

As the sun rises on the canvas, the “Beautiful Dawn” collection at MCB Pencil Portraits serves as a wellspring of inspiration. Drawing ideas from this collection can turn ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art. The interplay of light and shadow, coupled with the artist’s interpretation, transforms photos into captivating sketches, incorporating elements of crochet patterns and pencil art for added depth and texture.

Drawings of Dogs - Artist


Drawing animals from photos is a skill that requires a keen eye for detail and a deep connection with the subject. The collection of pencil portraits at MCB Pencil Portraits showcases the talent of artists who skillfully capture the spirit of animals. From the gentle gaze of a pet to the untamed beauty of wildlife, pencil portraits from photos celebrate the diversity of the animal kingdom.

The Train Station Greet Drawing


The human experience is a rich tapestry that comes to life through sketch ideas. Drawing ideas from photos of people involves capturing expressions, emotions, and the unique stories etched on each face. Whether it’s a candid portrait or a group photo frozen in time, artists transform these moments into visual narratives, immortalizing the essence of the individuals in their drawings.

Pencil Portraits of a People


In the hands of an artist, Ivory black pencils become more than just tools; they are instruments of shades and expression. The vibrant pigments of shades of ivory black pencils elevate drawings from photos, adding a dynamic layer of hues that breathe life into the monochrome canvas.

Drawing of a Cottage


From iconic landmarks to cherished homes, drawing buildings from photos requires precision and attention to architectural detail. Drawings of buildings at MCB Portraits go beyond mere replication of structures; they encapsulate the spirit and significance of each building. Whether it’s the intricate details of a historical monument or the modern lines of a skyscraper, these drawings turn photos into architectural narratives.