Pencil Portraits and Drawings from Photos

Custom Pencil Portraits of People and Pets from Photos

Dog Portrait
Portrait of a Woman
Cat Portrait next to books
a man with his hand on his chin

commission lifelike pencil portraits from your photos.

Pencil portraits and Drawings of People and Pets from a Photograph Supplied by You

At, I will turn your favourite photos into timeless pencil drawings. My name is Michael Bruce and whether it’s a pet or a cherished family member, I will capture the essence of your memories with every stroke of my pencil. Each pencil portrait is meticulously drawn to bring out the personality and character of the subject so that it is a stunning and lifelike representation that you’ll keep forever.

Every one of my drawings is finished to the highest standard to capture every subtle aspect of your photograph, giving it a finish that only adds to the original beauty of the photo.

Contact me today if you are thinking of commissioning me to draw a pencil portrait from your photos. I’ve drawn some of the most lifelike and emotive pencil drawings for clients all over the world, as well as here in the UK; it’s my passion for providing the best that has helped me earn so many 5-star reviews, and I’ll do my best to create the artwork you’ve always wanted as well.

Pencil Portraits of Dogs
Drawing of mother holding her baby to her chest
Portrait of a Puppy
Drawing of a woman smiling
Drawing of a dog with the original photo it was drawn from in the inset
Drawing of a family including Grandfather, father and daughter

Pencil Portraits of People and Pets from a Photos

You should send me clear and sharp photographs, because the quality and clarity of your photos have a considerable impact on the realism and detail I can draw in the final pencil portraits.

My drawings are hand drawn without a background and I aim to capture the likeness and mood of every subject. You can view some of the drawings on my drawing page. You can also view more of my hand-drawn portraits from photos of people, pets, and animals on my Instagram page.

Are you ready to convert the memories and photographs you hold dear into beautiful pencil portraits?

Contact me below so that we can work together to take care of your memories through my hand-drawn portraits.