Pencil Portraits | Hand-Drawn Portraits: Transform your Favourite Photos into Pencil Drawings

Welcome to my world of pencil drawings, where I draw stunning pencil portraits.

Pencil Portraits | Hand Drawn Portraits

Drawings from Photos

I’m thrilled to share a little slice of my world with you, where snapshots of your favourite photos are transformed into unique, hand-drawn portraits. I’m Mike, a pencil portrait artist with a passion for drawings from photos, so sit tight as I take you on a journey from a simple snapshot to a one-of-a-kind pencil portrait!

Pencil Portraits

I have drawn hundreds of drawings from photos for my customers in the United Kingdom and worldwide, and I can promise that I will be able to draw any person, animal, vehicle, building, or landscape from a photograph that you send to me. There is no image I will not try to draw.

As a result, many people worldwide place orders with me to draw from their photos for gifts for loved ones or friends, and I would be glad to draw a hand-drawn portrait for you to give as a gift.

There are many talented artists in the UK; however, I am confident that I will be able to draw hand-drawn portraits from the photos that you send to me to draw from.


To ensure the finest detail in my work, send me clear and sharp photographs. The quality and clarity of your photos have a considerable impact on the realism and detail I can draw in the final pencil portraits. Visit my drawing page to view examples of my work.

I draw pencil portraits to create the best drawings from photos that are realistic and drawn without a background. I aim to capture the likeness, personality, and mood of every subject from the photos you send to me, and you can view some of the drawings on my drawings page. You can also view more of my hand-drawn portraits from photos of people, pets, and animals on my Instagram page.

Are you ready to convert the memories and photographs you hold dear into beautiful pencil portraits?

Contact Me

Contact me at Mike@MCB Pencil Portraits or click on my price page for more information about the size and price of the portraits. We can work together and take care of your memories through my hand-drawn pencil portraits. Alternatively, complete my order form.

Custom Drawing of a Dog

Custom Drawing of a Dog

Mike did a pencil portrait of my boyfriend’s dog, Bella, which I’d ordered for his birthday as a surprise. What can I say? Mike was friendly and professional from the first contact. All so timely and efficient! When the picture arrived, I was simply blown away!! What a gift you have, and we are lucky you are able to share this with us. Thank you so much! It made a birthday very special! Jenny Bridge